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The Solid Black Collective is a group of Black OCAD University Assistant Professors in the Faculty of Design. Our mission is to be a catalyst for change for our Canadian Black diaspora community through our lived experiences and multiple design practices. We are guided by principles of decolonization, diversity and equity, sustainability, interdisciplinarity, health, and wellness. These principles are imbued in the OCAD University strategic plan and ventured to employ innovative design education to benefit the Black community positively. 


Kathy Moscou’s background is eclectic and unique, merging visual arts and health. Her lived experience, born as an African American, informs her art, focus on Black cultural aesthetics, contemporary design for social justice, commitment to the Black community and choice of research – which focuses on equity and empowerment of Black and Indigenous youth in Canada, the United States, and across the African diaspora.

Kathy’s experience contributing to the education of post-secondary students and exhibition history span more than 20 years.


Angela Bains is a Co-Founder and Strategic Director of TransformExp, an award-winning design firm. Originally from the UK, Angela has over 25 years’ of experience in the design industry working on social change causes. 

She has been invited to speak and host at the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) – International DesignThinkers Conference (Vancouver & Toronto).. Angela has taught Strategic Design part-time at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).


Kestin Cornwall grew up in the Windsor, Ontario, area. His father is Grenadian, and his mother is American. Over the past ten years, Cornwall has focused on creating relevant, progressive art. 

Cornwall explores culture and humanity's relationship with beauty, sex, nature and a long history of cultivation. Many of his influences include contemporary graphic realism, street art and old comics, with a complimenting mystery factor, often mirroring timeless depictions of pop culture. 


Michael Lee Poy is an Afro-Caribbean artist-activist and architect from Trinidad and Tobago. His practice and interests are centered on post-colonial Caribbean design and fabrication in the festival arts – especially Carnival. 

A graduate of Pratt Institute of Technology in architecture (B. Arch.) and the Yale Graduate School of Architecture, Environmental Design (MED), Michael aims to use interdisciplinarity to augment the innovative, creative, and collaborative process of design.


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